Have you always pictured yourself sitting by the fire, book in hand, reclining in your favorite chair? What about star gazing or watching the snow fall from your enclosed porch? With Poore’s Propane, these simple pleasures are within reach. We’ll help you change the way you experience winter. Here’s how:

Curl up by the fire

With an elegant and functional propane fireplace by Empire Comfort, you’ll be able to surround yourself with warmth and ambiance in almost any room at the press of a button. Propane fireplaces are clean and easy to use, unlike wood fireplaces which leave soot and ash.

Enjoy the outdoors without the chill

If you have an enclosed porch, why not use it all year round with a space heater by Empire Comfort? Don’t let winter’s worst keep you inside when you can enjoy winter’s best while you entertain guests, fill out a crossword puzzle, or just get a change of scenery.

Change the way you experience winter

Find out for yourself how a new propane fireplace and space heater can change the way you experience winter. To get yours, contact us today.