With FREE Automatic Delivery, you’ll never run out of propane or heating oil again!

We know how busy things can get during the fall and winter, with school, work, sports, and the holidays all competing for your time an attention.

It can get so busy, in fact, that you forget the little things you’re supposed to do – like checking to see if you have enough heating oil or propane in your tank.

The problem is that running out of fuel isn’t a “little thing” – it is at best an inconvenience, at worst a potentially dangerous mistake. Not to mention costly: remember, if you need to restart your propane heating equipment for any reason, the law requires a professional inspection and pressure test to turn your equipment back on – an expense that comes out of your pocket.

The bottom line: Running out of propane or heating oil is something you definitely want to avoid.

The good news is there’s an easy, no-cost way to do that: sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery from Poore’s.

With Automatic Delivery, we use software to estimate your fuel level based on the weather and your past usage, then schedule your fuel delivery when you’re down to about a quarter of a tank (if you want even more assurance that you won’t run out of fuel, ask us about our tank monitoring service ).

Imagine: no more propane or heating oil delivery hassles or headaches, and never having to remember to call us again – and all without spending an extra dime.*

Don’t risk a propane or heating oil run-out – sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery from Poore’s Propane and Oil! Contact us today to enroll for the 2018/19 heating season.

* Why is Automatic Delivery free? Because it helps us schedule more efficient fuel delivery routes…that way we can serve all our customers and avoid having to send crews out to deal with emergency run-outs. Everyone wins!