5 Reasons Delmarva Residents Trust Poore’s Year-in, Year-out!

Enjoy The Benefits Of Being A Poore’s Propane Customer!

propane company pennsylvaniaAt Poore’s we appreciate our customers and are deeply thankful for the outstanding reviews they have given over the years.

Every day, we are dedicated to living up to our customers’ trust in us.

Are you looking for a propane, heating oil, and HVAC service provider? If so, read on and see why so many of your neighbors who become Poore’s customers, stay Poore’s customers!

A History Of Stellar Service!

For more than 60 years, Poore’s Provided has been serving the greater Delmarva region, providing reliable fuel delivery and expert equipment service.

Some of our customers have been with us for decades! Others became customers because they grew up in a home served by Poore’s, and wanted that kind of quality service in their own homes.

We’re Here For You, 24/7!

When your heating system conks out on Christmas morning, or if you’re running low on propane, the last think you need is to call for service and get, “Press 1 for …” or get some faraway call center which has no idea where the name Delmarva comes from.

Poore’s Propane treats you like our neighbors because that’s exactly who you are! We always have actual people answering our phones and provide 24/7 emergency service if you’re ever in a sticky situation.

Payment Programs That Fit YOUR Needs!

Fuel and HVAC equipment services should never be one-size-fits-all. So, we offer multiple options like automatic delivery, payment options like Smartpay and Autopay that give you more control over your propane and heating oil costs, and a wide array of affordable service plans to protect your equipment, too!

Professionals You Can Trust!

Our delivery drivers uphold our standards of reliable, safe, courteous fuel delivery. All our service technicians receive top industry training so they can install, maintain, and repair your equipment safely and expertly. And all of our employees are committed to respectful, prompt customer service.

Guaranteed Fair Pricing!

Unlike other propane and heating oil delivery companies in the area, we don’t dangle cheap introductory prices to lure you in then jack up the prices after a few months. Our pricing is not only competitive, but transparent. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Like what you see? Become a Poore’s customer today and experience the difference in your home for years… and years to come!