Should I Buy A Service Plan With My New Heating Equipment?

Peace Of Mind—All At A Great Value!

heating service plans pennsylvaniaHave you upgraded your home’s heating and/or cooling system recently? Congratulations! You have made a solid investment in your home and the comfort of everyone in it.

Now is the time to protect that investment with a service plan from Poore’s Propane!*

Our service plans cover numerous types of systems, such as oil or propane furnaces and boilers, as well as central air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

These affordable plans save you money in more than one way!

Equipment Service Plans: A Long-Term Investment

To begin—our service plans all include an annual maintenance tune-up. This keeps your heating and cooling equipment running at its best possible efficiency, saving you up to 10% on existing energy costs. With about half your home’s energy costs going towards heating and cooling, those savings can certainly add up.

That tune-up also gives our trained and skilled service technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your equipment, so they can discover and repair any problems before they become worse—the kind that leads to breakdowns and more costly repairs.

With regular, professional maintenance the life of your HVAC equipment can be extended by years. Consider the average cost to replace one of these systems:

  • A home furnace averages about $4,400
  • Replacing a boiler is about $5,700
  • The cost for replacing a central air conditioning system or heat pump is nearly $5,600 on average

It’s not hard to understand why you’d want to avoid type of cost for as long as possible!

Annual professional maintenance is also required by many manufacturer’s warranties to keep them in full effect. The tune-ups you get as part of our service plans will do exactly that—while protecting you further from big repair bills.

System Repairs Can Add Up Quickly

Speaking of repairs, that’s where our service plans can really save you a lot of money! Did you know that four out of five HVAC repair jobs could have been avoided with regular maintenance? So, our tune-ups dramatically reduce your need for service calls.

Both our Priority Plus Gold and Priority Plus Silver service plans cover repairs in some way. With Priority Plus Gold, you get full coverage on all covered parts and labor. With Priority Plus Silver, you get a 15% discount.

Some numbers here can help to put that coverage in perspective:

Average furnace repair cost: $320
Average boiler repair cost: $390
Average central air conditioning repair cost: $370
Average heat pump repair cost: $370

Whether you avoid repairs or get repair costs fully or partially covered, our service plans help you keep more money in your wallet where it belongs.

Count on Poore’s Propane for expert heating equipment installation and service. Contact us today to get started and learn more about our service plans!

* Available for customers within our Delaware HVAC service area only.