Why Should I Enroll In a Budget Plan?

Smartpay—and Our Other Convenient Payment Options—Makes Managing Your Fuel Costs Easy!

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After the stress of these past 16 months, many of us are looking for ways to make life a little easier.

One way to do that is to take control of your fuel costs. Poore’s has a perfect solution: Enroll in our SmartPay budget plan!

With SmartPay, your heating oil and/or propane payments become easy to manage. With 9 easy, even monthly installments, it’s an affordable way for you to plan for the future.

How Does Smartpay Work?

Look up your last year’s Poore’s statements. Hint: You can find them easily with a Poore’s online account!

The cost of fuel varies depending on the season. It tends to be the most expensive during winter because of increased demand for heating oil or propane in home heating. Those increased fuel costs can be stressful when you are also facing higher bills during and after the holiday season.

But when you sign up with SmartPay, you will no longer need to worry about fuel costs going up and down. You will know exactly what your monthly cost is for propane or heating oil, each and every month. Planning your budget will be made far simpler!

You’ll enjoy the convenience and ease that comes with our SmartPay program, as well as peace of mind from dependable heating oil and propane delivery we provide.

Enroll In Auto Pay For Even More Benefits!

Poore’s has another option to manage your propane or heating oil costs.

With Auto Pay, you can forget about letting any heating oil or propane bills slip your mind. Your payment will be automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account each month, so your payment is on time, every time.

Does Poore’s Offer Plans for Heating Oil?

Yes, we do! Poore’s offers a Capped Price plan for heating oil. Before heating season sets in, the price-per-gallon you will pay for heating oil will be determined at a singular price. You’ll never pay more than that price. But if heating oil prices fall, you’ll pay that lower price!

You also get stability and security when it comes to your heating oil costs, because you are protected from any price spikes as the result of natural disasters, geopolitical issues, or other situations that cause heating oil market rates to rise.

Contact us today to learn more about—and enroll in—our SmartPay budget plan, Auto Pay billing or heating oil capped price plan!