What Exactly is Renewable Propane?

Learn How the Propane Industry is Becoming EVEN MORE Clean and Green!

renewable home fuel pennsylvaniaEnergy security has been a major topic in recent years, between an oil spill off California’s coast, the fragile electrical grid in Texas, and the damage around the world brought about by climate change. As the world searches for energy sources that have a lower environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint, the propane industry is at the forefront of that movement.

Demand for propane to use at home is increasing dramatically. With the current real estate and building boom, this trend will only continue. In the residential construction business, constructing homes with propane appliances has been a growing trend amongst homebuyers, too. Propane gas has become extremely popular for its energy efficiency and amenities.

In fact, by 2025, the U.S. demand for propane will reach more than 10 billion gallons a year.

Propane production can meet that need while also ensuring a dependable domestic energy supply that is not reliant on imports or aging, inadequately maintained infrastructure.

Propane is already environmentally friendly, being produced domestically and clean burning with nearly zero greenhouse gas emissions. However, renewable propane takes our efforts to achieve sustainability a step further. Read on to learn more about renewable propane, as well as what it can accomplish for the Delmarva environment that we all care about and want to protect for years to come.

How is Renewable Propane Made?

Renewable propane is a byproduct the renewable diesel process. Propane has been created from renewable resources such as biomass, animal fats, vegetable oils, and other triglycerides in development projects in both the United States and Europe.

The propane produced by this method is identical to the propane generated from natural gas. It’s safe, cheap, and dependable. When compared with electricity, it boasts a fraction of its carbon footprint.

How Does Renewable Propane Benefit Our Area?

Homes and businesses all over the Delmarva region may easily use renewable propane as its popularity increases. This higher usage of renewable propane will help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in our region.

Renewable propane has other benefits, especially for businesses.

Advanced technologies are already available for use with ultra-low-nitrogen-oxide engines. These and other advancements will deliver major environmental and public-health gains, particularly for transportation and stationary engines used in agriculture. Because renewable propane is chemically identical to propane, it can be mixed with propane and utilized in existing propane-powered equipment and vehicles as well as in cars run on propane autogas. Businesses experience significant reductions in air pollutants and diesel particulate matter. These decreased particles might also assist to preserve your engines and equipment, which may help them run longer with less maintenance and repairs. That is good for your bottom line as well as the environment!

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