What Is Automatic Fuel Delivery?

A tried-and-true method to avoid propane and heating oil runouts.

fuel delivery Chester county, de At Poore’s Propane and Oil, we do more than deliver fuel to homes in Lowes, Chestertown, Dover and other towns in central Delmarva and Eastern Pennsylvania. We provide confidence that your home’s heating, hot water and major appliances will keep working whenever you need them.

Our heating oil and propane delivery service is second to none in this region. Our customers can attest that Poore’s delivery drivers show up when we say they will, deliver your fuel quickly and safely and leave your property as clean as they found it.

Of course, we still need to know when it’s time to deliver your propane or heating oil. While some customers elect to keep track of their own fuel levels, the vast majority of the households we serve choose our automatic delivery option.

Fuel runouts are a serious matter.

Having your heating oil or propane tank run dry is a terrible inconvenience. It can even be a danger to you and your loved ones. You might be without heat on a frigid night. Your showers won’t warm up, and your gas-fired cooking and clothes-drying appliances will be rendered useless.

Often, resolving a fuel runout involves more than just refilling your tank.

If your heating oil tank runs out, your filters and fuel lines can become clogged with sediment from the bottom of the tank. You could end up needing a service call in addition to a fuel delivery.

Propane runouts are even more disruptive. Before we can re-fill your tank, our technicians are required to perform a pressure test and inspection. Only then can we get your propane systems and appliances back online.

Bottom line: you need to avoid a fuel runout at all costs.

Our automatic delivery option provides 100 percent peace of mind.

What if we told you that the cost to avoid a fuel runout is zero?

Poore’s Propane and Oil is happy to offer free automatic delivery to both our propane and heating oil customers. When you choose this service, we handle all the planning for you. Using your customer history and current weather patterns, our state-of-the-art computerized system calculates your fuel levels. Then we deliver your propane or oil before you run low.

Don’t worry — you won’t use more fuel with automatic delivery. You’ll only ever pay for the fuel we deliver.

And with automatic delivery, you never need to worry about a delay in receiving your propane or oil. We schedule your delivery well in advance, so your appointment is locked in. This is a totally stress-free delivery option with no runouts and no additional costs to you.

Is your fuel usage more irregular because of frequent visitors or extended periods away from home? Do you manage fuel deliveries for an older relative or an investment property? Talk to us about installing a tank monitor. With these wireless devices, you and our team can track precisely how much propane or oil is in your tank — in real time!

Contact our team today to enroll in automatic delivery or inquire about fuel tank monitoring.