The 4 Most Annoying Furnace Noise: What Do They Mean?

What to do if you hear any of these sounds coming from your furnace

furnace noises pennsylvaniaNoises coming from the basement can be creepy. Your mind can immediately go to horror movie scenarios.

But while a ghoul or goblin is probably not down in the cellar, something potentially just as serious could be. These sounds can signal a problem with your furnace that you need to attend to, because that attention now can avoid hassle and expense later.

We have four common sounds that you may hear from your furnace, and what you should do if you hear them.

Banging or popping

If you hear a banging or popping sound as your furnace is cycling on, please give the Poore’s Propane service professionals a call. This noise usually requires immediate service. These sounds may indicate that your furnace burner is struggling to heat up enough so it can combust your oil or gas. In the event that there is a fuel buildup, the excess gas or oil may be popped once the furnace reaches a temperature for combustion.

If you hear that noise when your furnace is cycling off, it is likely coming from the ductwork and is due to expanding or contracting with the temperature changing. This is not usually a serious problem, and maintaining your ductwork may help it go away. Another possibility is that your air filter may be dirty. Don’t forget to change your air filters regularly!


Request service from us if you hear rattling as your furnace is cycling on. It usually means that your furnace blower motor is failing. By heeding this early warning, you can get us in to prevent the blower motor from failing completely. If that happens, no warm heat is getting blown through your ductwork, meaning your Delmarva home is going to be cold. The rattling may also be something not as serious, like unsealed ducts or debris in the heating system. Whichever the problem is, it needs repairs before escalating further.


This noise could be one of many things. Possibilities include the flame sensor, the ignitor or the heat exchanger. Get in touch with us so we can find the source of the noise and get it fixed.


Dust and debris can build up on the moving parts inside your furnace. Those parts may also not be lubricated adequately. Those two problems are the most likely causes of the squealing noise. We can take care of it, and help prevent it with an annual heating system tune-up. Our service plans make that tune-up easy, and affordable.

Whatever sounds your furnace is making, don’t hesitate to act and get in touch with Poore’s Propane to remedy the mystery sound at-hand. We’re here for you all year ‘round!