New Water Heater Installation Tips

Learn More About Your Water Heating Options!

water heater service pennsylvaniaWhether you’re looking into upgrading to a new water heater or need to replace one because your water heater is starting to fail (or, worse, has already failed)— you probably have some questions.

That’s where the water heating experts at Poore’s Propane come in!

We sell, install, maintain and repair water heaters from leading makers such as Rinnai and Rheem. And we can help you save money on your new water heater by helping you get rebates, too!

We will answer your questions and help you learn about water heaters so you can feel confident in making the right choice for your home and your water heating needs.

Let’s cover a few things you may want to know about.

What’s the best fuel for my water heater?

If your current water heater is powered by electricity, this is an ideal time to make the switch to a propane water heater! Propane is a superior alternative to electricity when it comes to running your water heater.

Propane water heaters cost about $25 less per month on average to operate than electric water heaters—and with propane’s outstanding energy efficiency, you can save up to $4,000 over the average 10-year lifespan of a conventional tank-style water heater by using propane instead of electricity!

Did you know that water heating accounts for about 20% of your home’s energy usage as well? That means your propane water heater’s efficiency can save you some big money.

However, energy and money savings are not the only ways the energy efficiency of a propane water heater benefit you. Its recovery rate is twice as fast than a comparable electric water heater. Not only will you be using less energy, but you’ll be spending less time waiting for hot water!

What type of water heater is right for me?

You have options today when it comes to water heaters. The two main choices in propane water heaters are the conventional storage water heaters, which have a tank, and tankless water heaters.

Both options have their distinct advantages and we’ll be sure to discuss your needs and budget to make sure you get the perfect water heater for your home.

Tank-style water heaters are less expensive to buy and install. Their simple operation makes maintenance and repair usually affordable.

While tankless water heaters cost more upfront to purchase and install, they can last twice as long, or even longer, than tank-style water heaters. Tankless water heaters also give you all the hot water you want—right when you want it. Not only do you not have to wait between showers for hot water, but you can also take a shower at the same time the dishwasher is running.

And because a tankless water heater only gives you hot water when you need it, installing a tankless water heater can reduce your water heating costs by 35% or more. Being tankless means there is no tank to fail and cause water damage in your home.

Contact Poore’s Propane today for water heater sales, installation, maintenance, and repairs! Plus—you can ensure your equipment stays in tip-top shape for years to come by enrolling in our Priority Plus Gold Service Plan* or Priority Plus Silver Service Plan!* You’ll protect your investment, save big on any necessary repair bills and receive 24/7 priority service. For your added convenience, your service plan(s) can also be included in your monthly SmartPay plan, to spread the cost over the entire year!