Using Propane for Agriculture

propane agriculture

Farms in Delaware and Maryland Can Benefit from Propane

Farmers have a long work day. More than half of American farmers work 10 or more hours a day tending, harvesting and storing crops, taking care of livestock, maintaining farm equipment, or doing any of the other jobs that need to get done on their farm.

The good news is that propane can make most of those tasks easier. And Poore’s is the go-to propane supplier for Delmarva farmers.

Power Farm Equipment with Propane

Did you know that propane irrigation engines can save you up to 50 percent on fuel costs compared to diesel engines while nearly cutting equipment maintenance costs in half – or that propane can power orchard heaters and wind machines that will keep your crops from freezing? Propane can even help you move materials on your farm using propane forklifts and pickup trucks that run on propane autogas.

If you’re concerned with the environmental impact of your farm, propane can shrink your carbon footprint, too. Propane-fired equipment produces far fewer emissions than equipment powered by gasoline or diesel – and, unlike those fuels, propane will not harm the air, water or soil in the event of a leak.

Propane Takes Care of Crops, Livestock

Farmers are turning to propane flame weeders that are safer than herbicides for both farmers and the fields. High-efficiency propane space heaters can also keep greenhouses warm for less than the cost of electric heaters.

Inside the barn, propane space heaters can keep livestock safe and warm, while propane tankless water heaters can provide endless hot water on-demand. And if the power in your barn goes out, you won’t have to worry about downtime if you install a propane backup generator.

Want to learn more about how propane can help your Maryland or Delaware farm? Contact the pros at Poore’s Propane to find out!