Underground Propane Tank Installation Planning

Tips for Placing Your Fuel Storage Tank Underground

underground propane tank pennsylvaniaToday, roughly 50 million Americans use propane in their homes. This versatile, clean-burning fuel can be stored both aboveground and underground.

For many homeowners, choosing an underground propane tank over an aboveground model has to do with visuals. They simply don’t want to have a storage tank visible on their property. This is a reasonable concern, but before you choose to bury a propane tank on your property, we recommend you consider the benefits and challenges that come with it.

The Benefits of an Underground Tank

Beyond the visual consideration, underground fuel tanks have some great safety and durability benefits:

  • Underground tanks are better temperature controlled since they’re less exposed to extreme heat or cold.
  • Being underground protects your tank from damage from the elements and accidents.
  • Underground tanks are safer if a leak occurs. The fuel will not leak into the air, which could cause a fire. And since propane is non-toxic and insoluble in water, your soil and water will remain safe.

Specialized Concerns for Underground Propane Tanks

For the most part, underground tanks are like aboveground tanks. They contain the same fittings, valves, and connections, but these are in different places to accommodate the below-ground placement.
It’s neither legal nor safe to attempt to bury an aboveground propane tank.

There are some special considerations for underground tanks:

  • Underground tanks require a special protective coating and should be backfilled with sand or rock-free earth.
  • These propane tanks can float when inundated with floodwater. You can prevent this by pouring wet cement into your hole before placing the tank.
  • Electrolysis is damage to metal equipment from natural underground electric currents. It can cause deterioration to your tank. To prevent electrolysis, you should bury an anode bag to absorb these currents.
  • You and your contractor should carefully select an excavation location clear of vehicle traffic and other below-ground equipment, like septic tanks.

Preparing for Tank Installation

Installing a tank underground is significantly more complicated than installing one aboveground. Getting ready for the underground installation involves several steps, including:

  • Selecting the correct size of tank
  • Identifying the best place to excavate
  • Arranging necessary permits, if required
  • Ensuring a firm, secure foundation for your tank

Poore’s Propane and Oil has extensive experience installing underground tanks across central Delmarva and Eastern Pennsylvania. We can help you through the process and ensure your new fuel storage is in place and functioning perfectly.

Get in touch with us today to upgrade your home’s fuel storage. We’ll make the process simple and easy from start to finish. You can count on Poore’s to get the job done right.