How Much Do Typical Heating System Repairs Cost?

Protect Your Equipment—and Your Wallet—with a Poore’s Service Plan This Season!

furnace repair pennsylvaniaAs heating season kicks off across the Delmarva region, the furnaces and boilers in our homes will soon be kicking on—if they haven’t already.

Is your heating system up to the task of keeping your home warm and comfortable this winter without breaking down and needing repairs?

Furnace and boiler breakdowns aren’t cheap. The national average cost to repair a furnace is $304. For boilers, the national average cost for repairs is $393.

That’s why the Priority Plus service plans from Poore’s Propane is a great investment in protecting your heating equipment and protecting your wallet at the same time. You can choose between our Priority Plus Gold Service Plan and our Priority Plus Silver Service Plan. The cost of your service plan can even be rolled right into your SmartPay monthly payment plan!

The Benefits of a Heating System Service Plan

At the foundation of both of our service plans is an annual 14-point heating system maintenance tune-up by our trained, experienced service technicians. This tune-up serves a few purposes:

  • It gets your furnace or boiler running at its best possible efficiency, which helps to lower your heating costs.
  • It helps to prevent breakdowns because our service technician can spot and fix problems before they get worse and cause a breakdown.
  • Regular professional maintenance also may help keep your heating system’s warranty in effect.

If a breakdown does occur, your service plan comes to the rescue! You get priority no-heat service, 24/7. You’ll also save on repair costs. Our Priority Plus Gold Plan offers full coverage on all covered parts and labor costs. With a Priority Plus Silver Plan, you get a 15% discount on repairs.

There is another cost you should consider: the cost of replacing a home heating system. For furnaces, the national average cost of a new one including installation is $4,638. The national average cost of a new boiler with installation is $5,836.

The regular professional maintenance and expert repair service you get with a Poore’s Propane service plan can help extend the life expectancy of your home’s heating system, meaning you’ll get the most out of your investment and you’ll be able to put off replacement as long as possible.

A Poore’s Propane service plan is a great investment in your home and comfort all season long—and all year ‘round! Contact us today to enroll—it only takes five minutes to get started.