There’s Still Time to Enroll in Smart Pay!

fuel payment options pennsylvaniaMake managing your winter heating bills easier

Fall is a busy time of year. It starts with back-to-school days, then there’s extracurricular activities, carpools, work, weekends of apple-picking and hayrides, and all of a sudden you’re facing holiday prep time.

How does giving yourself, and your wallet, a break sound? If you like it, you’re going to have to move fast to get it!

Time is running out this year to enroll in our SmartPay program, our monthly payment program. It’s one of our more popular payment options because our customers love its ease and convenience.

How does SmartPay work? It’s simple. With SmartPay, your fuel payments are spread out over 10 equal monthly payments. No surprises, and no high fuel bills during peak heating season after the holidays and right before tax time.

Nothing else changes, not the cost of your fuel or the amount you use. And, if you end up using a little less or a little more fuel than was estimated when your SmartPay plan was set up, we’ll make adjustments to keep your payments even during the settlement months.

And, by the way, there’s no cost to enroll in SmartPay and there is no finance charge! You can even put the cost of your Poore’s service plan into SmartPay.
By enrolling in SmartPay, you’ll earn a rebate each month that you have a credit balance on your account.

Want more options?

SmartPay is just the beginning of how Poore’s makes managing your propane or heating oil usage easy.

With Poore’s AutoPay program, all the work of paying your Poore’s bill is taken off your hands.

Any fuel delivery service that’s billable will be paid automatically direct you’re your checking account, or your credit card. There’s no need to look for your monthly bill, find a stamp, write a check and mail the bill, or remind yourself to pay it. And there’s no worry about paying your bill on time.

Another bonus is that with AutoPay on your credit card, you can build points on your card that can go towards travel, shopping or whatever rewards your card offers.
You can get rid of some paper clutter in your home by signing up for our e-bill, where your Poore’s statements are sent to you by an email rather than traditional snail-mail, too!

Contact Poore’s and learn more about SmartPay and all of our payment options to make managing your fuel costs easier – and do it quick while there’s still time to enroll!