There’s a misconception among some that a fireplace is nothing more than a decorative item, no different than a painting hanging on the wall. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. A fireplace can look good and function beautifully.

As you may know, propane is considered the most versatile fuel, capable of powering virtually any home appliance. Propane fireplaces are another example of that. And, they come with an array of benefits. Not only can a propane fireplace produce heat and ambiance, they are also durable, efficient, reliable, easy to start, easy to maintain, and require minimal cleanup.

Poore’s Propane proudly sells and services propane fireplaces by Empire Comfort Systems that are sure to warm up and invigorate your home.

So, forget the hassle and mess of a wood fire and forget the empty feeling of a home without a fireplace. Winter’s coming, so if you’ve long dreamed about spending your winter nights next to a cozy fire, now’s the time to act! Contact us to learn more about adding a propane fireplace to your home.