Switching Providers? 3 Important Things to Note

Not All Propane Companies Are the Same!

propane company pennsylvaniaWith higher prices on just about everything these days, we aren’t surprised that many Delaware and Pennsylvanian families are looking at their budgets and shopping around for the best deal whenever they can. But when it comes to your home comfort, not all propane retailers are built the same, and making a switch without doing your homework can be risky.

Here are three things to bear in mind when weighing your options:

Is This New Propane Price Really Better?

Many companies make too-good-to-be-true promises about the price of their fuel—so you need to check the details and fine print. Look out for extra delivery fees, start-up fees, or tank installation and rental fees that might not be included in the “per-gallon” rate.

You also need to look at your agreement with your current fuel provider. Is there a termination fee? These are often in the $100-$200 range to start. You should factor this into your calculations of how much cash you’ll actually save by switching providers.

What happens with your propane tank?

If you own your fuel tank and it’s in good condition, there shouldn’t be any issues switching propane delivery services between companies.

However, if you lease a tank from your current provider, things can become complicated and pricy fast. Here are some likely scenarios:

  1. The most likely option is that your old provider will require you to purchase your leased tank when you terminate service. You will then own your tank, which means you’re responsible for maintenance and repairs. You might be able to sell the tank to your new fuel provider, passing liability for service to them and putting some money back in your pocket.
  2. Your current fuel provider might uninstall their tank, and your new provider with install a new one. There’s always a chance of service interruptions if you can’t schedule installation on the same day your old tank goes away.
  3. The most convenient option is for your new propane company to buy the tank from the company you’re leaving. Then, your lease just moves from one provider to the next. All parties must be flexible and accommodating, which isn’t guaranteed.

What Do You Lose or Gain with a New Propane Provider?

At Poore’s Propane, we provide an extensive range of services to our customers, including:

  • Online account services
  • Monthly budget plans to lower your winter expenses
  • Propane appliance installation, service and repairs

Many other fuel providers—in particular, cash-on-delivery discounters—are bare-bones operations. This means they keep staff low, and services limited. For example, while a full-service company like ours can offer automatic delivery so you never run low on fuel, a discounter would likely make you call for propane and couldn’t guarantee delivery if their drivers are busy or their supply is low.

At Poore’s, we believe in providing dependable delivery and home comfort service every day, no matter the challenges. If you’re unhappy with your current provider and looking for a change, we want you to join our family of customers! Give us a call today to learn more.