Spring: The Perfect Time for your Heating System Maintenance

Spring is here, and your thoughts are probably (and understandably) turning toward putting heating season 2018/2019 behind us.

But, before you close the door on those cold weather days, it’s a good idea to get one final heating season task out of the way: scheduling your annual heating system maintenance for your oil or gas-fired equipment.

If you’re in our Delaware HVAC service area, Spring is the perfect time to call us for a heating tune-up! For one thing, your furnace or boiler has just been through its peak season and can probably use a little TLC. For another, you will usually get the convenient appointment time you’re looking for.

But most importantly, spring is a good time for heating maintenance because it’s not the fall. We see it often in our business: customers put off their service call until peak season (September / October) then struggle to find a time that works with their busy schedule. Before they know it, heating season is half over, and the work still hasn’t been performed – which means they have paid more to heat their homes than they needed to.

If you take care of your heating maintenance now, you’ll get the benefits of preventative maintenance (lower bills and more reliable equipment) for the full heating season in 2019/2020, starting from the first day you set the thermostat to “heat” sometime in September or October (don’t worry, the work our expert technicians perform won’t wear off during the off-season!)

If you find that your heating equipment is ready for retirement, Spring is also the perfect time for a heating system upgrade – if you plan to install a new heating system this year, why not beat the crowds and do it now? You can take advantage of some great incentives that are available to you! Located in Delaware? Be sure to contact us today to learn more about available upgrades.

Spring is the perfect time to get your heating maintenance out of the way  – and if you’re in our Delaware HVAC service area, we’re here to help you! Why not sign up for a Poore’s Propane and Oil Priority Plus Service Plan today? And of course, if you need a propane delivery, we’re the number one choice throughout the Delmarva area! Call now for more information.