Simplify your bill paying with Auto Pay from Poore’s Propane and Oil

It’s the beginning of the month. You know your energy bill is due, and you promise you’ll get to it tomorrow.

Then – four weeks, seven football practices and way too much overtime later – the bill is still sitting unpaid on your countertop under a pile of other bills, all of which will soon be joined by late notices and the fees that come with them.

We know how it goes because we’ve been there – which is why we created our Auto Pay payment option. With Poore’s Auto Pay, we’ll charge your bill to your credit or debit card when it’s due – no hassles, no fees, no worries. You’ll still have complete control over your account – the only difference is you’ll save time and avoid the stress of being late with your payments. You can even combine Auto Pay with e-billing to reduce paper waste (don’t worry, you can always get a copy of your bill sent to you if needed).

That’s all there is to it – unless you want even more of an autopilot experience with your heating bills, that is. In that case, try combining AutoPay with other great Poore’s options like Automatic Propane Delivery. Talk about convenience!

Sign up for Poore’s Auto Pay service today and experience the joy of pain-free bill management – and no more late fees. Contact us today to make the switch!