Should I Lease or Buy my Propane Tank?

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Why leasing your propane tank with Poore’s Propane makes sense

Have you recently bought a home that has propane appliances? Are you building a home and have chosen propane for heating, cooking and more?
If so, you’re going to need a propane tank to go with it!

That’s where Poore’s Propane can help: Not only can we deliver propane to your home in our Delaware and Maryland service area, we can help you with the propane tank as well.

Our knowledgeable and experienced propane professionals will work with you to select and install the right propane tank for your home, and your propane needs. We will discuss with you how you’ll be using propane in your home, the number of appliances you have, the size of your home and other factors that come into the equation. That information helps us know what size propane tank you need. Here’s an example: If you only use propane for cooking and water heating, you won’t need as large a tank as you would if you used propane for central heating with additional propane appliances running on top of it.

Whatever your propane needs are, Poore’s Propane offers a complete range of propane tank sizes. We have smaller tanks that work for one or two propane appliances, up to large tanks that can heat your home as well as run several propane appliances and even heat your pool.

And that’s just the beginning of what Poore’s Propane can do for you when it comes to propane tanks!

Our propane tanks are of the highest quality, and both our underground, and above ground, propane tanks are made with heavy-gauge steel that have a special coating to prevent corrosion.

Poore’s Propane installs both underground and above ground propane tanks. With underground propane tanks, we have the equipment and experience to make sure the installation is done right, and that your propane delivery specialist can safely and easily access your tank making deliveries seamless every time.

Why you should lease your propane tank with Poore’s Propane

Whether you decide to lease your propane tank with Poore’s Propane, or buy your own propane tank, you should reflect on the advantages each choice offers.

When you own your propane tank, you have the freedom to choose your propane provider. However, owning your tank means you’re responsible for it, including the costs that go with propane tank ownership. Those costs include:

  • The purchase cost of the propane tank, which can range from around $600 to more than $2,500
  • Installation of your propane tank, with costs that can be between $700 and $3,000 or more, depending if it is aboveground, or underground
  • Maintenance costs like tune-ups for your propane tank so that it works safely
  • Repair costs should an issue arise

While the choice is ultimately yours, if you want to avoid the work and expense that comes with owning your propane tank, leasing your propane tank with Poore’s Propane is the way to go!

With a leased propane tank, Poore’s Propane is responsible for maintenance and repairs of your propane tank, and you can rest easy knowing our team experienced and skilled propane service technicians will make sure the job is done right every time.

When you’re a Poore’s Propane customer, you get safe and reliable propane deliveries – and with our Automatic Delivery, you get the peace of mind knowing your propane tank will be filled before you ever run low.

Like what you’ve seen about leasing your home’s propane tank with Poore’s? Contact us today and find out what we can do for you! And as a bonus: New Poore’s Propane delivery customers can get a FREE propane tank installation along with $200 in savings on propane today! Give us a call for details.