Don’t Forget A Service Plan When Upgrading Equipment!

There are three key reasons it’s worth the investment

new equipment protection pennsylvaniaWinter is a demanding time for home’s HVAC equipment, as our furnaces, boilers, water heaters and heat pumps work hard to keep our homes warm and comfortable day-in and day-out.

With all that’s taken place this year, making sure your home is at peak-comfort may have helped you decide to upgrade to new, more energy efficient piece of HVAC equipment.

That’s a smart move! Your investment will pay off not only in more energy savings, but in fewer repair costs and peace of mind.

But there’s something else you should do: enroll your new HVAC equipment in a Poore’s Propane service plan! Our service plans cover both gas- and oil-fired furnaces, boilers, central air conditioning, and heat pumps.

You may be wondering why you should purchase a service plan after spending money on new equipment. After all… it’s brand new, right? The outright answer is that this small investment now can help you save big down the road. We’ll show you three ways that’s true:

Protect Your Equipment

All of the available Poore’s Propane service plans include an annual tune-up for your equipment. That annual tune-up keeps your equipment in top condition on a routine basis, and gives our trained, experienced service technicians the opportunity to discover any problems and fix them before they become worse and lead to potential breakdowns and bigger, more expensive repairs.

Protect Your Wallet

The annual tune-up you get with our service plans also helps you save money by ensuring properly maintained HVAC equipment operates at its best possible efficiency. That means you’re using the least amount of energy to keep your home comfortable, keeping your energy costs down in the seasons your equipment works the hardest!

If your equipment does need repairs, our service plans cover a wide range of parts, and offer discounts on others, so you reduce your repair costs.

You can even bundle your heating AND cooling equipment into one singular service plan. And to make our service plans even easier, you can roll the cost into your SmartPay plan and spread it over 10 easy monthly payments! No large, lump sum bills. No stress over high winter fuel or equipment costs.

Protect Your Warranty

Most HVAC equipment manufacturers today require that you have annual tune-up maintenance performed by a professional service technician. Since our service plans all include tune-ups, they help keep your warranty in effect. That protects you against any manufacturer defects and can save you hundreds or more in the event of a breakdown.

Four out of five repairs could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Ensure your home, and your home’s HVAC equipment, is always protected with a service plan from Poore’s Propane! Contact us to learn more about enrolling today!