Service Plans Save You Money This Season And Beyond!

Protect your investment in your home’s HVAC equipment

service plans savings central delmarva, eastern pennsylvaniaIf you’ve ever wondered if having a service plan from Poore’s Propane for your home’s heating and cooling equipment is worth it, we have some HVAC-related prices to share with you.

  • Average cost to install a new furnace: $4,377
  • Average cost to install a new boiler: $5,727
  • Average cost to install a new heat pump: $5,628
  • Average cost to install a new central air conditioning unit: $5,509

Those are some pretty substantial investments in your Delmarva home. Why wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to make sure they’re running at maximum efficiency for a good, long time? Our service plans help you do just that!

What service plans give you

When you don’t have a service plan, you’re gambling with your equipment and your bank account. You’re betting your good luck with your furnace, boiler, heat pump or air conditioning system will continue.

One thing about luck: It always changes. And when yours does with your HVAC equipment, you could face being without heat in the middle of a cold snap or being without air conditioning in a sweltering heatwave. You also may be facing some big repair bills.

Poore’s Propane service plans give you peace of mind on all fronts.

Regular maintenance. Both our Gold and Silver service plans come with our annual 14-point tune-up included! Our trained and experienced service technicians will thoroughly inspect and service your equipment. It gives us the opportunity to find and fix problems before they become bigger, more costly ones. And annual maintenance by a professional may help keep your equipment’s warranty in effect. We service both oil-fired and propane heating equipment.

An ounce of prevention. Did you know four out of five of our repair service calls could have been prevented with regular maintenance?

Repair coverage. Both our Gold and Silver service plans offer coverage of some parts, priority service, 24/7 emergency service, and discounted or free repairs!
To make our service plans even easier, you can bundle the cost into your SmartPay plan, so the cost is spread out in even payments over the year.

Contact us to learn more about our service plans, or to enroll today!