Is A Heating Equipment Service Plan A Good Deal?

Save BIG This Season By Protecting Your HVAC Equipment With Poore’s!

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Your home’s heating and cooling equipment are essential to keeping your home safe and comfortable. They’re also undoubtedly major financial investments.

The best way to protect those investments is with professional maintenance and repair services. With Poore’s Propane, you get outstanding equipment service from our trained, experienced service technicians. We can also help you save on maintenance and repair costs with our affordable service plans!

Right now, we’re running a limited-time special on all our plans so you can choose the one that’s right for you!

Service Plan Specials

Here’s what we’re offering:

Silver Service Plans: Save $50 on our Silver plan, which includes an annual tune-up, a 15% discount on all parts, 24/7 priority service and scheduling.

Single-unit Gold Service Plans: Save $75 on our single-unit Gold plan, which includes an annual tune-up, 100% repair coverage on dozens of covered parts, 15% discount on all repairs not listed in the plan, 24/7 priority service and scheduling with NO diagnostic fee.

Combination Heating and Cooling Gold Service Plans: Combine your heating AND cooling into one service plan and save $160 on a plan which includes annual tune-ups for both heating and cooling systems, 100% repair coverage on even more covered parts than the single-unit Gold plan, 15% discount on repairs not listed in the plan, 24/7 priority service and scheduling with NO diagnostic fee.

Benefits Of Poore’s Propane Service Plans

An annual maintenance tune-up is a part of all our service plans, helping to protect your equipment and your wallet. A professionally tuned-up HVAC system runs at its best efficiency, saving you on energy costs month-after-month. It also runs better so there’s less wear on the parts. A tune-up gives our trained, experienced service technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your equipment and spot problems before they cause further damage or a breakdown—protecting you from higher repair costs.

Did you know? Many equipment manufacturers require annual professional maintenance for their warranties to remain valid. Our service plans can help keep your warranties in effect, protecting you now and in the future!

Poore’s service plans are not only affordable, but they can also help protect you from having to face replacing your equipment when you aren’t ready to. Here are some numbers that show just how much replacement can cost you.

These are the national average costs for replacing your HVAC equipment:

Furnace: $4,495
Boiler: $5,838
Central air conditioning: $5,644
Heat pump: $5,674

Service plans from Poore’s Propane help your equipment last longer, with fewer breakdowns.

Remember, these specials are only for a limited time, so there’s no time to waste! Contact us today to enroll—or visit our website for additional information.