Get On Our List For System Tune-Ups Now!

Our Service Technicians Will Soon Be In High Demand!

professional heating service pennsylvaniaAs 2020 gets further in the rearview mirror, there are many things we are glad to leave behind. But there are also a few things we need to catch up on. If you put off having your home’s heating, cooling, and comfort equipment getting its annual tune-up last year—now is the time to rectify that!

You’re not alone, by the way. Many of our customers waited. As a result, you may expect some delays when it comes to when we can schedule your tune-up, as we also have to handle no-heat emergencies and equipment failures. But we’ll do everything we can to get to you as soon as possible. Contact us now so we make sure to get you on the schedule for early spring!

Why Schedule Your Tune-up Now?

You may be wondering why you can’t just wait until spring to take care of this. Think about all the time between now and then, and all the work your heating system or water heater will have to do—especially if the Polar Vortex continues to rear its ugly head.

That’s a lot of wear and tear that can damage equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained. The tune-up by Poore’s Propane trained and experienced service technicians will give you other benefits as well:

Prevents breakdowns. Did you know that four out of five equipment breakdowns could have been prevented with regular, professional maintenance? Our service technicians also carefully inspect your equipment while doing the tune-up. They the opportunity to spot problems and fix those problems before they become worse, potentially causing a breakdown and a big repair bill.

Peak efficiency. An investment in a tune-up now pays off for the seasons ahead. That’s because your heating system or water heater will run at its best possible efficiency, lowering your energy costs and don’t worry—it doesn’t ‘wear off’ over the summer season in-between.

Protects your heating system. When your equipment gets regular, professional maintenance, it runs better and with fewer breakdowns. That can lead to a much longer life expectancy, meaning you’ll get far more from your initial investment.

Protects the warranty. Today warranties for home heating, cooling, and comfort equipment often require annual maintenance done by a professional service technician to keep the warranty valid. Not getting a tune-up now may lead you to get stuck with big repair bills down the road if you find out your warranty is voided.

Contact us today to schedule your tune-up—and while you do, ask our customer service specialists about enrolling in one of our service plans helps make taking care of your equipment even easier—saving you on repair costs for years to come, with benefits including full coverage on all covered parts and labor, 24/7 emergency priority service and more!