The winter is coming to a close and we’ll be enjoying the warmer weather in no time, we hope. However, before we put furnaces and oil storage tanks to the backs of our minds and focus on cooling equipment, here’s something to ask yourself: is your heating system ever going to recover from the strain of this year’s winter? The best way to be sure is with regular tune-ups from Poore’s Propane! Every winter your heating equipment works hard and the difference between regular maintenance and years of neglect are clear. Let’s consider what could happen without annual tune-ups.

Imagine this: The temperatures begin to drop, and you go to turn on your heating equipment. Only, instead of humming to life, it clangs, bangs, grinds and hisses. It’s hard to pinpoint which winter in the last 15+ years of your heating system’s life took the biggest toll on it, but clearly it’s had enough. You call up Poore’s Propane and our experienced technician tells you that your system is not going to make it and you’ll need to replace it. Also, it’s the busy season and they’ll squeeze you into their schedule for an installation, but you’ll have to wait a week. That’s a week without heat that could’ve been avoided… let’s take a look at the difference a tune-up can make!

Once again, the temperatures drop, and you go to turn on your heating equipment. You instantly feel the warm air as it fills your home just as well as it had the last few years. That’s because last winter, a technician from Poore’s Propane came by to perform an annual check-up on your heating equipment. They cleaned or replaced the filters, lubricated all of the moving parts, made some minor repairs (that could’ve caused major headaches later on), and tested the system’s controls. Everything checked out, and now you can sit back and relax in a warm home!

The best thing about Poore’s Propane’s annual tune-ups is that they’re included in many of our service plans. Not only are you getting regular maintenance that ensures your system won’t stop working next winter, but you’ll receive discounted coverage for parts and labor, and 24-hour emergency service for those middle-of-the-night break downs. Sign up for a service plan and schedule your annual tune-up today and be confident in your heating equipment for next year! Contact Poore’s Propane now for more information.