Propane water heaters: the smart choice

water heaters
Just about any appliance that runs on electricity can operate more cleanly and efficiently on propane – which means that switching to propane heating equipment will not only save you money, it will help the Earth, too.

Take water heaters, for example: switching from an electric water heater to a propane-fired model can bring a number of benefits that you might not even know about. Consider the water-heating perks that propane delivers for your Delmarva home:

  • Faster heating times – Conventional propane water heaters can produce twice as much hot water as electric units in the same amount of time, while tankless water heaters can produce hot water instantly for as long as needed.
  • Lower bills – On average, propane water heaters cost 30 percent less to operate than electric ones—up to 50 percent less if you choose a tankless propane water heater. The average household saves about $174 per year using propane vs. electric water heaters, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • A smaller carbon footprint – Overall, propane tankless water heaters produce about 50 percent fewer carbon emissions than electric water heaters with a storage tank.
  • A longer lifespan – On average, a conventional electric water heater (one with a storage tank) will last about 12-14 years; a propane tankless water heater can last 20 years or more.

As you can see, when it comes to water heating, propane is the way to go for you and the planet.

While installing a propane water heater may cost a bit more up front than installing an electric water heater, the energy savings are significant and long-term – which is important when you consider that heating water can account for anywhere from 15-20 percent of your monthly energy bills.

Looking for an easy way to save 30 percent or more on your water heating energy bill? Install a propane water heater. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on a high-efficiency propane (or oil-) fired water heater installation for your Delmarva home!