Propane Vs. Electric Power: What’s The Better Choice?

8 Reasons Propane Is The Clear Choice!

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Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current one, you have an opportunity to decide on energy sources for vital functions like heating, water heating, and cooking.

We’re here today to show you why adding propane is a slam-dunk choice for making the quality of life in your home better in so many ways.

And with reliable propane delivery from Poore’s Propane, you’ll get all of this along with the peace of mind our professional team provides 24/7/365!

1. Efficiency

Propane produces far more BTU’s (measured unit of heat) per dollar than electricity, so you can save money on your monthly energy costs without giving up a bit of warmth or comfort.

2. Dependability

With propane, your energy supply for heating, cooking, water heating, and more relies solely on the fuel located at your home, right in your propane tank. You’re free from the worry over the outages and service disruptions electric and natural gas utilities so frequently encounter.

3. Versatility

Propane does way more than run your home’s furnace or boiler. It can also heat your water, cook your food, give you a work-free fire in your fireplace, or warm up unheated spaces like sunporches and garages!

4. Environmental Friendliness

Half of all the electricity used in the United States is generated at coal-fired power plants. This is responsible for the immense greenhouse gas emissions we continue to create annually. On the other hand, propane is so clean burning, it produces nearly zero GHG emissions.

5. Comfort

Propane heating systems can heat up to 140˚ Fahrenheit, while comparable electric ones can’t go over 100 ˚. Propane heating systems also get your home warm faster than electricity. Both of those make your home much more comfortable when the temperature plummets. Propane water heaters get your water hot faster than electric water heaters, and tankless propane water heaters let you have all the hot water you need, on-demand right when you need it no matter if you’re running the dishwasher, shower, or washing machine—or all three at once!

6. Ease And Convenience

Cooking is a snap with a propane range. You get precise, instant temperature control that takes your meals up several notches. And propane ovens provide a moister heat, which helps keep roasts like your Thanksgiving turkey from drying out.

With a propane clothes dryer, your laundry gets dry 25% faster than a comparable electric dryer. Your laundry also comes out with less wear and fewer wrinkles.

7. Safety

Whether it’s thunderstorms or tropical storms in the summer or nor’easters in the winter, a power outage can be not only inconvenient, but dangerous. With a propane whole-house standby generator, you can keep the power on in your home for lights, heating and cooling, refrigerators, sump pumps, home security system, electronics, home medical equipment, and more.

8. Outdoor Appliances

You know that propane grills are great. But there’s so much more propane can do for the outdoor living we love here in the Delmarva region. With propane deck and patio heaters, and pool and spa heaters, you can enjoy your great outdoors earlier in the spring and later into the fall. And with propane outdoor fireplaces and firepits, you have warm, comfortable spaces to relax and have a responsible, socially-distanced hang out with family and friends.

Whenever you need us to deliver propane or heating oil to your home, you can trust our team to always be there for you. Our delivery staff works incredibly hard to ensure you have a dependable supply, regardless of the weather or market conditions. Become a Poore’s customer today and experience the difference we (and propane!) can make for you.