Comparing Propane Systems & Heat Pumps

Which is Better for Keeping Your Home Warm in the Winter?

heating system options pennsylvaniaWhen it comes to keeping your Delmarva region home warm and comfortable, propane furnaces and boilers have many advantages over that of heat pumps.

The biggest disadvantage of heat pumps is that their operation is dependent on ambient air temperatures. The heat pump will exhaust more energy as the temperature drops closer to freezing, yet your house will not be sufficiently heated. The average low temperature in Dover, DE in January is 27˚ Fahrenheit. A visit from the polar vortex might drop temperatures even further. In these cases, heat pumps aren’t going to be of great benefit.

That is why so many houses with heat pumps need backup heating systems such as space heaters, furnaces, or boilers. If that’s the case, more energy is subsequently consumed, pushing your energy costs higher. With the current energy market trending at higher prices this winter compared to recent years, that can cause a major financial pinch for you.

Benefits of Propane Heating

Today, propane heating systems have efficiency rates that are as high 98%. But what does that mean? It translates to every dollar that is spent on propane to heat your home, 98 cents of that goes toward heating—and just two cents are lost in the combustion process. Electric heat systems like heat pumps, on the other hand, have boast only about 65% to 70% efficiency.

Propane is a far more efficient and rapid heat source than electricity. Because propane generates many more BTUs per dollar than electricity, you can save money on your energy bills—all while still being comfortably warm.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Let’s be clear though, heat pumps aren’t all bad. There are several ways heat pumps are good for your home even though they aren’t great as your primary heating source. In the winter, they can provide supplemental heating so you can reduce your propane or heating oil costs.

They also provide efficient air conditioning. A lack of ductwork in a home can make installing central air conditioning out of reach for many folks. If you’ve been sticking with inefficient, noisy, unsightly window A/C units, heat pumps are a great alternative.

Heat pumps, also called ductless mini-splits, provide cooling that is much more effective and energy-efficient than window units. They can be installed in less than a day at the fraction of the cost of installing ductwork and central air conditioning. You can zone your cooling for even more energy efficiency. If you have central air conditioning, heat pumps provide supplemental cooling to areas your HVAC system doesn’t reach, such as home additions and areas like finished attics and sunporches.

No matter the system that’s heating or cooling your Delmarva-area home, you can enjoy reliable heating oil or propane delivery by becoming a Poore’s Propane customer today! Contact us to learn more about our current rates, as well as available equipment services.