Propane spring cleaning guide

grill cleaningNow that spring is here, it’s time to turn our thoughts to the tasks that will keep our Delmarva-area homes in tip-top shape for the warmer months to come. Among the most important of those tasks is checking in on your propane equipment.

Here are seven things you can do for your propane-powered Delmarva home this spring:

  1. Clean your propane grill – According to the National Fire Prevention Agency, nearly one-quarter of all grill fires that occur in the U.S. are caused by improper grill cleaning, so give it a good once over before you get cooking. You should also check your grill for leaks and refill, order, or exchange propane cylinders if you need to. Still using a charcoal barbecue? Upgrade to a propane grill – you’ll never look back!
  2. Clean your propane cooking range – If your propane cooking range has a self-cleaning feature, spring is a great time to use it. If you want a cleaner, greener way to go, try using baking soda and vinegar.
  3. Clear out your clothes dryer exhaust fan and vent – Vent blockage can significantly reduce the flow of air to the dryer, which will cause higher bills and create a potential fire hazard. Clear the vent and clean your exhaust fan using a brush made for this purpose.
  4. Check your propane leak and CO detectors – Test and replace batteries on all carbon monoxide and propane detection units in your home.
  5. Prepare your propane backup generator – Give your propane backup generator a springtime test run to prepare for the storm season to come – and make sure it’s filled with propane in the event of early-season severe weather.
  6. Clear the area around your propane tank – Try to keep a 10-foot perimeter around your propane tank debris-free. In particular, remove anything that can burn (dry grass, leaves, wood, etc.)
  7. Flush your propane water heater – Removing excess sediment from the water heater storage tank is an important step improving efficiency and lengthening the life of your equipment. If you don’t want to deal with flushing out your water heater tank, contact us for maintenance – or switch to a high efficiency propane tankless heater.

Have any more questions about getting your propane equipment ready for the spring and summer months? Ask a pro at Poore’s Propane and Oil – we’re here to help.