Propane & Pools: A Perfect Match For Summer!

Poore’s Propane Helps Keep Your Pool Warm All Season Long!

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Summertime brings with it the welcomed routine of splashing around your backyard oasis, but we all know that it also brings the occasional bad weather, whether it’s an occasional thunderstorm or a dissipating hurricane making its way up the east coast.

Poore’s Propane can help prepare you for either scenario, as propane is the ideal fuel for both pools and whole-house backup generators!

We can easily install and lease a propane tank to power your pool heater and backup generator—and provide reliable propane delivery all year round for your Delmarva-area home!

Advantages Of Propane Pool Heaters

Your pool is a major investment for your home as well as your quality of life there. And a propane pool heater allows you to make the absolute most of it!

Why a propane-powered pool heater, though? Well, for starters, electric pool heaters only heat your pool about one degree per hour. It could take all day to get your pool comfortable with an electric pool heater. Propane pool heaters get your pool warm in less than half that time!

Propane’s speed and efficiency mean you get your pool warm not only faster—but for less money. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that propane pool heaters can reach efficiencies as high as 95%. For every dollar you spend on propane for heating your pool, 95 cents of that goes directly into heating. Electric counterparts have efficiencies as low as 35% by comparison!

Because propane pool heaters also run for less time to get and keep your pool warm, there’s less wear on the pool heater parts. Maintenance costs are inherently reduced as is the risk for a breakdown and the repair costs that go with it.

Benefits Of A Propane Whole-House Backup Generator

So many parts of our lives depend on our homes always having power. A propane whole-house backup generator protects our property and our loved ones ensuring exactly that. Here’s just some of what a propane whole-house generator can do:

  • Power home security systems and sump pump to keep your home and family safe in times of emergency.
  • Keep the refrigerator running so food stays safely cold or frozen for elongated periods of time during an outage.
  • Provide power for electronics and chargers for work, entertainment, and a connection to the outside world.
  • Power HVAC systems so your home kept is comfortable even in the most unfavorable weather conditions.

Poore’s Is Your Local, One-Stop Shop For Propane Services

At Poore’s, you’ll not only get the right sized tank for your pool or generator, but the tank will also be of top quality, with a special coating designed to protect against corrosion.

We can install our propane tanks both aboveground and underground—our team has the talent and expertise to handle the toughest or trickiest of jobs! Plus, with our affordable propane tank leasing, we’ll save you the upfront costs of buying a propane tank outright, as well as all maintenance and repair costs in the future that come with that investment.

What’s even better? With our Automatic Delivery, you’ll have peace of mind that your generator or spa will always have the propane it needs!

Interested in adding a propane tank to your home to power one—or both—of these appliances? We can help! From tank installation to running lines and making the proper connections, Poore’s has you covered. Contact us today to get started!