Reduce & Stabilize Your Propane Costs

Enrolling in SmartPay Is a Smart Idea This Season

payment planning pennsylvaniaAt the start of 2022, we all hoped that supply chain snarls and rising inflation would be behind us soon. Unfortunately, these problems have only persisted. Believe us when we say that the sooner prices go down, the happier everyone will be.

Local fuel companies like Poore’s Propane and Oil don’t have a way to control world energy prices. Still, we’re constantly working on ways to make things a little easier for our valued customers in central Delmarva and Eastern Pennsylvania. One thing we know will help is enrolling in our SmartPay Monthly Budget Plan.

How Does SmartPay Work?

With the SmartPay Budget, you no longer pay for your fuel in full at the time of delivery. Our team will calculate how much fuel you’re likely to use in a year and how much it will cost based on the market. Then, we divide this annual cost across 10 equal installments.

Spreading out your payments with SmartPay always made sense. Now, with prices so high, we believe that it’s almost essential.

A Monthly Budget Plan Protects You from Price Spikes

When you pay for heating oil or propane on delivery, you’re generally hit with several huge bills in the fall and winter. These are the worst times to absorb big energy expenses—when you’re purchasing gifts during the holiday season or getting ready to file your taxes.

But a SmartPay Budget Plan removes uncertainty. You don’t have to worry about how much next month’s fuel will cost. Even if you get two deliveries in one month, you only make one payment for that month. And importantly, your winter expenses are essentially cut in half.

If prices drop and stay lower, we will happily adjust your plan. In the end, you only pay the cost of the fuel you receive at the market price on the days it’s delivered—not a cent more!

There’s no cost to enroll—plus, you will earn a rebate each month that you have a credit balance on your account. Poore’s customers who participate in Smart Pay tend to like it much better than paying in full for each delivery. We hope you’ll give it a try. Contact us to enroll. It only takes five minutes to get started!