Fuel Your Landscaping Fleet With Propane This Season

Efficient, clean propane fuel makes sense for your business

propane landscaping pennsylvaniaWith spring in full swing here in the Delmarva area, landscaping businesses like yours have a lot to do, and new businesses to drum up. That means you’re going to be pretty busy. Poore’s Propane can help you by making it more efficient and cost-effective. How? By providing propane to power your fleet of vehicles and equipment!

If you only know about propane in relation with your BBQ grill, or maybe home heating, read on because you’ll be amazed at the ways propane works for businesses like yours.

Propane is versatile

Propane is a cost-effective fuel can run your full fleet, including your commercial mowers, trimmers, trucks and more.

Propane is convenient

Using propane as fuel is much more efficient than gasoline or diesel. For example, when a commercial mower needs to be refueled, propane makes it easy. All that has to be done is take off the empty tank and replace it with a fresh one. In a matter of minutes, that mower is back on the job. Refilling with gasoline takes longer, requires an out-of-the way trip to the gas station if you don’t have fuel on-hand, and there is a risk of spills.

Propane helps your bottom line

Fact: Propane traditionally costs less per gallon than gasoline or diesel. And propane equipment like mowers and forklifts are just as powerful as those powered by gasoline or diesel. Propane also helps protect your investment in your fleet vehicles and equipment because it burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel, creating less wear on engines over it’s lifespan. Your equipment can last longer, with less maintenance and fewer breakdowns. And because you’re in control of your propane supply, it’s easier for you to manage fuel costs and reduce fuel theft.

Propane is better for the environment

Propane emits much fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline or diesel. And it’s safe for the environment in the rare event of a leak. Propane does not harm plants, air, soil, water, or aquatic life. The same can’t be said about gasoline or diesel. Because propane is so much better for the environment, you’ll have a competitive edge when it comes to getting customers who prioritize their caring for the environment, or look for companies with green solutions.

Poore’s Propane offers propane services for businesses, including bulk propane delivery. We prioritize safety so you feel comfortable using propane for your landscaping fleet.

Contact us to find out more about our commercial propane services and let us help your business this season. Poore’s Propane is the #1 Propane Service Provider in the Delmarva area, and beyond. Look no further than us!