Are Propane Furnaces Efficient?

How Well Does Clean-Burning Propane Keep Your Home Warm And Comfortable?

furnace afue pennsylvaniaIf you are using an electric heat pump to heat your Delmarva home, it’s time to consider switching to a propane furnace.

You’ll get dramatically better energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Even today’s high-end electric heat pumps can be as low as 78% efficient. Thanks to technological advances, high-efficiency propane furnaces can reach efficiencies of 95% … and higher!

Another advantage of a propane furnace is that they get the air in your home inherently warmer than an electric heat pump. You’ll almost immediately save on energy costs because it won’t have to work as hard—or as frequently—to keep at the desired warm temperature.

Propane furnaces also last longer too! Their average life expectancy is up to 20 years. Electric heat pumps? Fourteen years. Nearly a six-year difference!

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What Does AFUE Mean?

What is the AFUE? It is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. Think of it like the MPG (Miles Per Gallon) rating for your car. The AFUE tells you the average amount of propane your furnace uses compared with how much heat it produces over a heating season. The AFUE is usually located on the faceplate of a furnace.

This is how AFUE works: Let’s say you’re shopping for a propane furnace. You see one with an AFUE rating of 80. That means that an average of 80% of the propane it uses is converted into heat for your home. The other 20% is lost in the combustion and conversion process. Thus, 80 cents of every dollar you spend on propane goes toward heating.

Here is a guide from the United States Department of Energy on common AFUE ratings for furnaces. The current minimum AFUE standard for new heating systems is 80.

Low Efficiency: This is mostly seen in much older, outdated heating systems. The AFUE ratings fall between 56 and 70.

Medium Efficiency: AFUE ratings are between 80 and 85. These are either new systems, or older systems less than 20 years old.

High Efficiency: This is most commonly seen in furnaces that are new or less than 10 years old. AFUE ratings are between 90 and 98.5.

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