Building a New Home in DE or MD? It Should be Fueled with Propane!

propane for new home Maryland and Delaware

Propane’s versatility and reliability are big factors in your decision

When you’re building your own home, there are so many decisions you have to take into account.

Do you want a single-story ranch, or is an elegant Victorian is more your style? Do you want all of the bedrooms together, or do you want the master suite separate from the other bedrooms?

All of these decisions are just the beginning. You then have to choose colors, fixtures, finishes and more.

But one decision won’t be hard: choosing propane as the fuel source for your new Delmarva home!

Why propane? We have six reasons why:

  1. Versatility. There’s no other fuel source that can do all of the things propane can do in your home. From whole-home to water heating, fireplaces to backyard barbeques, no fuel comes close to matching just how much it can do for your residence.
  2. Energy efficiency. Propane appliances are much more energy-efficient than electric appliances. If you install a propane tankless water heater, your heating costs compared with standard electric water heaters could be nearly 30% percent less.
  3. Comfort. Propane furnaces heat your air to a higher temperature than electric heat pumps can, so your home gets warmer, faster and stays that way. Propane can also power fireplaces and space heaters, so you’ll always be warm and comfy no matter how cold it gets outside, or inside!
  4. Safety. Between high propane industry standards and strict government regulations, propane delivery and storage has a strong safety record. Propane is non-toxic, and in the rare event of a leak, does not harm air, water, aquatic life, soil, or plant life. Check out our propane safety tips to learn even more.
  5. Money savings. In Maryland and Delaware, you can receive incentives and rebates for installing propane appliances in your new home. That, along with propane’s efficiency and energy savings, means propane makes good fiscal sense!
  6. Reliability. Since propane is stored right at your home, so you’re not dependent on neighborhood gas lines to enjoy the benefits of propane in your new home. And with reliable, safe propane delivery from Poore’s Propane, you’ll know that you will always have the propane you need.

Get in touch with Poore’s Propane for the propane delivery, service and equipment to take your new home to the next level!