Propane Was Made for Farming!

Delmarva farmers should discover the versatility of clean, green propane!

commercial agriculture propane farmingWe’ve found some interesting facts and statistics about farming in our service area here in the Delmarva region of Delaware and Maryland, as well as southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • There are more than 52.4 million chickens on Delaware farms, most of them being broilers or other meat chickens
  • Corn, wheat and soybeans are major crops in our area
  • Vegetable, melons, potatoes and sweet potatoes are also big crops
  • 96 percent of Delaware farms are family-owned
  • 84 percent of Maryland farms are family-owned
  • The farms in our Maryland service area have about 25 million chickens, mostly broilers/meat chickens

That’s a lot of land and buildings to take care of, and a lot of livestock to keep warm. Propane can do that, and more, for our farmers!

Propane works for farms

Why is propane so great for farming? It’s versatile, safer, and cleaner than gasoline or diesel, and more reliable than electricity.

You’d be surprised at all the ways propane works on your farm:

  • Poultry house heating
  • Water heating
  • Grain dryers
  • Backup generators for your home and buildings
  • Fuel for irrigation engines, commercial mowers, and forklifts
  • Flame weed control
  • Fuel for light- and medium-duty vehicles

Propane is there when you need it

Your crops and livestock don’t care if there’s a power outage. The plants in your greenhouse need heat and light. The crops need water. The chickens in your poultry house and the cows in your barn need to be kept warm. Your home and buildings need light and hot water.

Propane provides security because you can have all of those things without relying on the electric grid or, if you even have one, your local natural gas utility.
Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane also does not degrade over time.

Propane is good for your bottom line

Not only is propane energy-efficiency great at saving you money on your energy costs, it can save in other ways as well!

Poore’s Propane agricultural customers get special high-volume discounts to go with our convenient bulk delivery. Our payment plans make managing your propane costs easy, giving you more time to take care of your farm.

Poore’s Propane also offers reliable, safe delivery of propane to your Delmarva farm. We can install both aboveground and underground propane tanks to suit your needs.

Get in touch with the propane experts at Poore’s Propane to learn more about how we can improve your farming business, today.