Propane Equipment Repairs: Don’t Do It Yourself

It seems like DIY is all the rage now, with men and women of all ages and skill levels turning to YouTube to find quick-fix ways to heal whatever ails their Delmarva home.

What those videos don’t usually show is what happens when the attempted repair doesn’t go as planned, often with costly or even dangerous results – particularly when dealing fuel-burning appliances like boilers, furnaces, and propane water heaters.

Propane repairs these days present unique challenges that more often than not require extensive training and expensive diagnostic equipment to assess and fix. As our friends at correctly point out, attempting to fix or modify a modern propane appliance can “severely damage the inner workings of the appliance or cause…property damage, fire or bodily injury” – and that assessment doesn’t even take into account carbon monoxide risks associated with bad DIY.

Is it really worth it to risk your family’s well-being over the cost of an appliance repair?

The bottom line: If you need a propane repair, don’t attempt to do it yourself – call the pros at Poore’s. Our certified technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to find and fix your problem quickly and correctly so you can focus on the things that matter in your life – like having fun with your family.

For expert propane equipment repairs, trust the pros at Poore’s Propane! Contact us today to learn more about professional propane equipment service and repairs for the appliances in your Delmarva home!