Propane Construction Heater Safety

Construction worker

Temporary propane construction heaters are a necessary part of running a Delmarva jobsite during the cold winter months – but they do need special care if they are to be used safely.

If you have installed temporary heating for your construction site, be sure to follow the safety tips below. If you need a temporary construction heating solution for your Delmarva project, contact us for a FREE, no obligation estimate on our comprehensive design, maintenance, and commercial propane fueling services.


  • Keep heaters away from combustible materials and vapors
  • Place your heaters on cement, on the ground outside your building, or on some other stable, fire-resistant material
  • Keep a four foot perimeter around your heater clear


Tank position

  • Always keep tanks in an upright position; this will keep the relief valve in contact with vapor, preventing further risks.
  • Choose a firm, flat, dry area at least six feet from the heater


  • Proper ventilation is critical because heaters produce carbon monoxide – an odorless gas that can be deadly if it is allowed to build. Keep all rooms well ventilated by strategically opening windows around the worksite.
  • Ask a temporary heating professional for more ways to keep your worksite properly vented

Cracked, leaky or obstructed hoses can be dangerous. To prevent hose problems,

  • Avoid running hoses through non-secured doorways; this can lead to hose damage or punctures.
  • If your hose runs through a window, block the window to avoid pinching the hose.
  • Avoid exposing your hoses to extreme heat.

Have any other questions about propane heater safety on your construction site? Contact us today to learn more!