Professional Propane Services

We Are The One-stop-Shop for All Propane Needs!

propane company pennsylvaniaAre you a new Chester or Delaware County homeowner looking for a trustworthy propane supplier in the area? Maybe you’re a long-term resident who’s dissatisfied with your current fuel company. Or maybe you’re considering propane systems and appliances for a newly built home.

Whatever your situation, Poore’s Propane & Oil wants to be your one-stop-shop for propane.

Since 1954, we’ve served households in Pennsylvania, delivering home heating fuel and peace of mind. We treasure the trust we’ve built across several generations—here’s our promise to your family.

Making the Switch to Propane is Easy!

We know that getting set up with a new fuel provider can feel daunting. At Poore’s Propane and Oil, we make it as painless as possible.

To begin, our propane professionals will set you up with a fuel storage tank that’s right sized for your home. We have a range of tank sizes and shapes—both aboveground and underground models—and make installation a breeze.

Once you’re set up, Poore’s makes sure you never run out of propane. When you enroll in automatic delivery, our computer systems track how much propane your home will typically use based on prior usage patterns and real-time weather conditions. Then, we deliver fuel when we estimate your tank is no lower than 30 to 25 percent full. No worries, no run-outs—plus this service is totally free!

Our customers also love our SmartPay monthly budget program. This plan shields you from fluctuations in propane expenses. Instead of getting hit with several huge bills in the fall and winter, your total propane costs are spread out across 10 even monthly installments. Your winter bills are cut virtually in half.

Local Commitment with a Personal Touch

Why is Poore’s Propane and Oil the absolute best choice for your home? We have deep roots in eastern Pennsylvania—our customers are our neighbors and friends. Unlike a national conglomerate, we know this region personally. Our drivers and technicians know these roads, and when you call with an emergency delivery request or a system breakdown, they’re close by and ready to help.

No matter the time of night or how bad the weather is, Poore’s Propane and Oil is there for your household. Come experience the Poore’s difference! Drop us a line to become a customer today.