Poore’s Propane Keeps You Warm with Automatic Propane and Heating Oil Delivery

Delaware and Maryland have been pummeled with snow and endured freezing temperatures already this winter, and chances are we’re far from out of the woods. When the weather is this cold, your heating system has to work overtime to keep your home warm, which means more fuel used. But when you enroll in automatic delivery with Poore’s Propane, the weather conditions are of no concern to you – because we help ensure you have all the propane and heating oil you need to stay warm no matter what’s going on outside.

As an automatic delivery customer, there’s a lot you don’t have to do…

  • No monitoring your fuel levels
  • No calling us to schedule a delivery
  • No waiting for your fuel to arrive

And most importantly, no running out of fuel!

If you prefer to order your own propane or heating oil, we’ll happily take your request and deliver fuel to your home. Just be sure to keep an eye on your fuel tank gauge and allot adequate time for your fuel to arrive.

To enroll or learn more about automatic delivery, or to schedule a delivery, contact us today! But don’t wait … the next big storm and more frigid temperatures may be right around the corner!