Why doing it yourself can lead to trouble

furnace diy pennsylvaniaDid you know that heating your home makes up around 52 percent of your home’s energy costs? And the average cost of replacing a furnace is $4,313, and can reach over $6,000!

That’s a huge investment in your Delmarva area home. Do you think that investment and the safety of your family belongs in the hands of anyone but a trained professional like the service technicians at Poore’s Propane?

DIY = Danger

Whether you use heating oil or propane for home heating, your furnace has lots of moving parts and uses fuel that can cause fires or create carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, dangerous and potentially deadly. When carbon monoxide builds up in your bloodstream, it replaces the oxygen in your red blood cells. That takes oxygen away from vital organs like the brain and heart, which can lead to serious injury or death. You are also dealing with electrical components in close proximity to combustible fuel. That’s something you surely want to trust a pro with.

You may make things worse

Watching videos online and reading some home improvement magazines does not make you expert enough to handle what you find when you tackle furnace maintenance. You probably also don’t have the proper tools or equipment. An untrained eye may not spot problems that could be stopped before they become worse. If you goof, you could make your furnace run worse, or, not run at all.

Your warranty may be voided

Many furnace warranties are written so that documentation of professional, regular maintenance is required to keep it in effect. Making your furnace maintenance a DIY project may be a violation of the warranty. If you want to save money while getting the best maintenance around, we’ll make it easy: Just sign up for a Poore’s Propane Service Plan!

Poore’s Propane has the professionals who can properly and safely take good care of your furnace when you need the assistance. If you’re in our Delaware HVAC service area, contact us today to schedule an appointment!