What Do I Do If My Pilot Light Goes Out?

This Troubleshoot May Save You from Needing a Service Call!

pilot light help pennsylvaniaMost propane-powered appliances today feature an electronic ignition. However, many older ones still employ a pilot light. The pilot light is the little flame within your appliance that restarts the main burner and prevents propane gas leaks. It’s intended to be burning at all times.

However, a pilot light may go out. The intake valves might become clogged with dirt and dust, causing this to happen. It can be put out by a draft. The pilot light may have expired automatically because of a leak in your appliance. A thermocouple could have failed.

Does the pilot light go out frequently? If so, you need a professional service technician like the trained, experienced service technicians at Poore’s Propane to inspect it and make any repairs. Additionally, if it goes out and you detect the rotten-egg odor of propane gas, get everyone out of the house immediately. Once you are safely away, call 911, then Poore’s.

Troubleshooting Your Pilot Light

If you follow the steps below, you should be able to restart your pilot on your own without needing Poore’s to make a service call. These instructions for troubleshooting are only for pilot lights and not for appliances with electronic ignitions.

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions for your appliance. Follow them to the letter.
  • Turn off the appliance at the power switch or thermostat.
  • Find the gas valve for the pilot. It usually has markings for “ON,” “OFF,” and “PILOT.” Turn it to “OFF” and wait at least three minutes so it can reset.
  • If the valve is sticky, don’t try to force it or use oil. These can damage the valve and cause gas leaks.
  • When at least three minutes have passed, turn the valve to the “PILOT” setting. Then press and hold the reset button and simultaneously hold a lighted match next to—NOT inside—the pilot light opening. Once the pilot ignites, set the valve to “ON.”

If this does not work, contact Poore’s for a service call as whatever the problem is, it is something that should be handled by a trained professional. And in any case, we’ll make a service call if you ever feel unsure or uncomfortable about performing this troubleshoot.

Poore’s Propane is committed to propane safety best practices when it comes to delivering propane and taking care of your propane appliances. Contact us with any questions you may have about propane safety.