Is a Mini-split AC Right for My Home?

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An energy-efficient way to keep cool all season long

Even though we haven’t been able to get out quite as much as we’d like to due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we hope you’re still finding ways to be able to enjoy the warmer weather here in the Delmarva region!

With the arrival of spring comes the promise of summer. And that means heat waves that can make your home stuffy and uncomfortable if you don’t have air conditioning equipment that can get the job done.

You might believe you only have two options for air conditioning — central air conditioning and window units. But, you have another choice with ductless mini-split air conditioners installed by Poore’s Propane!

What are mini-split air conditioners?

Ductless mini-splits are actually pretty simple, with only two major components: The outdoor compressor unit and the indoor air handler, which is also called the evaporator, which are connected via a conduit. That conduit contains tubing and the condensate drain, power and communications lines.

The compressor does what its name says it does and compresses refrigerant. From there, the refrigerant is sent to the condenser, where it gives up its heat. That heat is dispersed out of the unit to the outdoors. The refrigerant, which is now a liquid, is sent through the conduit to the evaporator to the air handler. Once in the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the warm indoor air that is blown over the evaporator coils. Once cooled, the air is sent out of the air handler and back into your home.

What are the benefits of mini-splits?

While central air conditioning is great, it’s not always an option. If your home is heated with a boiler and has no ductwork, you can’t have central air conditioning without installing ductwork. That can cost thousands of dollars on top of installing the central air conditioning system, which has price tag of nearly $5,509 based on national averages. Installing ductwork also means the hassle and mess of cutting hold into walls and ceilings all over your home.

Window units may be cheaper, but they have a whole lot of drawbacks, too. First, you have to install and remove them each year. That’s a hassle and potentially dangerous if you have more than one story. They also are not efficient and use a lot of energy. And no matter how carefully you install them, there are always going to be gaps that let in pollen, dirt and bugs.

Mini-splits give more efficient cooling than window units without the expense and hassle of central air conditioning.

Contact us to learn more about how mini-splits might be the perfect choice for your residence this year!