It’s your turn to host for the holidays this year, and you’ve compiled quite the guest list. Among others, in attendance will be your cousin who you haven’t spoken to since the incident last year, your in-laws who certainly never question anything you do, and even your long-lost brother who lives on the other side of the world. With all that going on, there’s hardly room for one more guest.

Unfortunately, indoor air pollutants like dust mites, pollen, mold and mildew don’t care one bit about whether their invitation got “lost in the mail” – they’re coming and they’ll make themselves right at home. Not only are they impolite – don’t bother asking them to put the coffee pot on – they’re also really irritating … to your eyes and nose, especially.

The good news is, Poore’s Propane is your line of defense, helping you kick the riff raff to the curb with humidifiers, air filtration systems, and UV filters from leading manufacturers. We’ll help you find the indoor air quality solution that’s right for you, so you can focus on entertaining your invited guests, and everyone can enjoy clean and refreshing air.

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