Is it time to replace your furnace or boiler?

Nothing lasts forever – not even your furnace or boiler.

With regular professional maintenance and some luck, your propane or oil-fired heating equipment could last 12 to 15 years or more. But eventually, parts wear down and efficiency suffers – until eventually a heating equipment upgrade makes more sense than sinking money for too long into heating system repairs.

The question is, how long is “too long?”

To answer that question, you will have to be on the lookout for signs that your furnace or boiler is running out of steam; once you see them, you can make a well-informed upgrade decision for your Delaware home.

Signs it is time to replace your furnace

Here are four key signs that the time is coming to replace your furnace or boiler:

  • Age. Your furnace or boiler may technically be working, but that doesn’t mean it’s smart to keep it around another year; a heating equipment upgrade could very well pay for itself in just a few years based on efficiency improvements alone, while giving you more comfort and peace of mind along the way. If your heating system is more than 15 years old, strongly consider replacing it, especially if you notice any of the problems listed below. If you purchased your home second-hand and aren’t sure how old your furnace or boiler is, look for the manufacturer’s nameplate and search online for a model year.
  • Poor performance. When your furnace or boiler doesn’t heat your home the way it used to, despite regular heating maintenance and ongoing repairs, replacement could be your only viable option.
  • Higher bills. Compare your home heating costs this winter with your bills from the last few years (be sure to take the price of heating oil or propane into account). A steady increase in your bills could mean that the efficiency of your equipment is suffering.
  • More frequent repairs. If you notice that you call for heating service more often than usual the last few years, it could mean that you are having problems with your equipment that can’t be easily remedied; more than likely, it’s time for a heating system upgrade.

The most important decision when buying a heating system

One of the most important choices that you will make when it comes time to upgrade your home furnace is who you will buy it from. As with all significant purchases for your home, it pays to shop around – and to look not simply for the lowest price, but for the best value when it comes to hiring a heating contractor.

The heating contractor you choose should:

  • Know how to properly size the furnace to your home
  • Know how to integrate it properly into your existing ductwork and HVAC system to ensure you get the best performance from your equipment
  • Be licensed and insured
  • Have access to top quality brands in a range of sizes, fuel types, efficiencies, and price points
  • Warrantee all their work
  • Have a thorough knowledge of government and manufacturer’s rebates
  • Provide a free, written, no obligation estimate

The key, as always, is to educate yourself about your new furnace or boiler purchase; the more you know, the better choice you will make.

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