Hiring managers interview prospective employees to find out if they’re the right fit for a company. Why not treat your home the same way? You are your home’s hiring manager and today you’re interviewing propane for the vacant position of home heating fuel. In a candidate you look for certain qualities: dependability, versatility, safety and cleanliness. Time to put propane to the test!

Can I depend on you to get the job done?

Yes! You can store me safely in a tank on your property. Not to criticize the competition too much, but electric can’t say the same. What’ll you do when the power goes out?!

Are you versatile?

Yes! I’ll heat your home, your stove, your oven, your fireplace, your barbecue (hey, summer will come around again!), your clothes dryer, your emergency backup generator… there’s so much more, but you get the idea!

Will you keep me safe?

Yes! Take a look at my track record. I satisfy tough codes and regulations set forth by the propane industry and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Plus, I’m nontoxic and produce minimal emissions.

Are you clean?

Yes! Green is my favorite color. I’ve been put to the test before – the Clean Air Act approved me back in 1990.

Well, looks like you’re HIRED!

Looking for the right fuel to heat your home this winter? Find out if propane is right for you by contacting us today!