Install A High-efficiency System Before A Deep Freeze

Keep your Delmarva home warm and comfortable

tankless water heater pennsylvaniaIf you have been thinking about replacing your home’s heating system, the clock is ticking.

You’re running out of time to think about it, because upgrading your boiler or furnace with Poore’s Propane before winter hits is the better time to do it!

Why replace your furnace or boiler?

Replacing your home’s heating system is a big investment of time and money. Here are some reasons why you should do it.

Your heating system is approaching 20 years old, or is older. That’s the upper limit of a heating system’s life expectancy, and even if it doesn’t break down now it’s going to lose power and efficiency each day it tries to hang on.

Your heating system needs frequent repairs. Are you paying more than $500 a year for repairs to keep your heating system running? It’s time to face the fact that your heating system is costing more than it’s worth.

Your heating bills are going up … and up. Check your heating costs from the last few winters (which, by the way, is easy to do with your Poore’s Propane account). Are you seeing those costs creeping higher and higher? That’s a sign your furnace or boiler has lost efficiency and it’s only going to get worse.

The benefits of a new furnace or boiler

Those problems above go away when you get a new furnace or boiler from Poore’s Propane.

Today’s heating systems are much more energy efficient than ones made even just 10 years ago. You’ll begin recouping your investment right away with lower energy bills.
You will also save money and hassle by not having to deal with frequent and costly repairs. And a new heating system may boost your home’s resale value and help it sell faster.

Get a new furnace or boiler now

If you’ve reached the conclusion that you need to replace your furnace or boiler, don’t wait! Winter is the worst time to need to replace your heating system.

If you end up having to replace your furnace or boiler in the winter, it’s because your existing heating system has broken down. That could leave your home without heat. That’s not only uncomfortable; it’s dangerous and can lead to expensive problems like frozen or burst pipes.

Stop thinking and start doing before winter get here. Get in touch with the professionals at Poore’s Propane to find out more about upgrading your home’s furnace or boiler. And don’t forget to ask about our equipment service plans!