How To Turn Off Your Propane Tank in Emergency

Vital Propane Safety Tips in Case of a Fuel Leak

turning off propane Queen Anne’s county, md Do you know what propane smells like? Although propane does not have a natural scent, fuel producers include an additive to impart an odor, like rotten eggs, spoiled meat or skunk spray.

If you notice this smell in or near your home, there could be a propane leak. It’s imperative that you follow propane safety precautions in responding, including getting everyone to safety and, if possible, shutting off the fuel supply from your propane tank.

The Most Important Action in a Propane Leak is to Evacuate

Firstly, the essential act you need to do if you notice a propane leak is to get yourself and everyone else out of your home or the affected area. Make sure to extinguish any cigarettes, candles, or other sources of ignition, and don’t touch your light switches, smartphone, or other electronic devices on the way out. They can produce a spark.

Only attempt to turn off your propane supply using the gas shutoff valve on your propane tank if you know it is safe to do so.

How to Turn Off Your Home’s Propane Supply

If your home has a stationary horizontal tank, you should see a dome at the top.

When you lift this dome, you will see the gas shutoff valve, a screw-type handle that’s generally red or yellow. Turn this handle clockwise until it’s tight. Doing this will close the gas flow to your home’s systems and appliances. If you have multiple propane tanks, you should close the valves on all of them.

The video below from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) offers a demonstration of this process:

What to Do Next During a Potential Propane Leak

Once everyone is clear of the leak area, you should contact your propane supplier and local emergency services from a mobile phone or a neighbor’s telephone. Don’t return to the affected area, even if you no longer smell propane.

Trained professionals can assess the situation, repair any leaks and check and relight your propane equipment. Only when you have the all-clear from them should you return to your home.

How to Best Prepare In Case of a Possible Gas Leak

You can take several steps to prepare yourself, your home, and your loved ones for the possibility of a gas leak. These include:

  • Installing UL-listed gas detectors in your home to alert you to a propane leak. You should also have carbon monoxide detectors on each level of your home and outside each bedroom.
  • Discuss propane safety with your family, including how to recognize a gas leak and respond correctly.
  • Post important phone numbers, like local emergency services and your propane provider.

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