How to Safely Use your Propane BBQ Grill during Winter

Why wait until summer for your favorite grilled foods?

winter propane grillingLike many of us, you may have given up on grilling for the year when the weather turned colder. Now you’re going through winter in your Delmarva home dreaming of delicious grilled foods and counting the days until spring.

No need for that when you can grill right now!

You can use your propane BBQ grill in the winter and enjoy your favorite grilled foods… but it’s not the same as grilling in the summer, so you’ll need to make some adjustments so you can easily and safely grill even when it’s frigid outside. We have some tips that will have you shoveling a path right back to your propane BBQ grill:

You’ll need more propane. Your propane BBQ grill is going to use more propane now to keep the grill hot enough for grilling than it does in the summer. And it can take around 10 minutes longer for the grill to warm up before grilling. Keep a spare propane cylinder on hand so you don’t run out in the middle of grilling.

You may need to move your grill. Your grill needs to be placed in an area where it’s shielded from the wind as much as possible, and placed perpendicular to the wind. This is to prevent wind from blowing down the tube burners or blowing out the flame. It also needs to be at least 10 feet away from the house to prevent fires and melting siding.

You need to think safety. Keep the path to the grill clear to prevent falls. Don’t wear a scarf or any other winter outerwear that can dangle over the flame and catch fire, and be aware of the flame’s proximity to your coat. NEVER use the grill in an enclosed or covered area like a garage, sunporch or carport because it could create a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide. And don’t store your propane cylinders in these spaces, either!

You need to do some prep. Minimize your propane usage, as well as your time out in the cold, by making sure you have everything you need together such as tongs, brushes, meat thermometer, sauces or seasonings, and trays or sheet pans to bring the food to the grill and back inside.

You need light. Because it gets dark earlier this time of year, make sure your grill is in a well-lit area so you can safely operate the grill and monitor how the food is cooking. A grill light is a good thing to have.

You need faster foods. Grill quick foods like kebabs, chicken breasts, fish and steaks. You’ll use less propane and not have to spend as much time out in the cold. While grilling, keep the lid down as much as possible to prevent heat loss that makes cooking time longer and uses more propane.

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