How to read a heating oil tank gauge

Fall is knocking on our door here in Delmarva, and before you know it you’ll be calling in for your first heating oil delivery (unless you opt for FREE Automatic Delivery, in which case we’ll take care of that for you).

If you do choose to manage your own heating oil deliveries, one of the things you will need to be able to do is read your heating oil tank gauge. If you’ve never done it before, it’s a good idea to learn how to do it now, before heating season is in full swing.

Here are some heating oil tank gauge reading basics:

  • Your heating oil tank gauge is usually a clear glass or plastic cylinder located at or near the top of the tank. The gauge is marked with numbers that look a lot like a car’s fuel gauge: F, ¾, ½, ¼. A red marker or float tells you how much fuel you have left; if the marker is at the bottom of the gauge or not visible, your tank is empty (or close to it).
  • Many factors will affect the speed at which you will use up your heating oil – the weather, the efficiency of your heating equipment, and the air tightness of your home, to name a few. But here’s a rough estimate: If outdoor temperatures average about 32° over a 24-hour period, a 2,500 square foot house will burn about 6-7 gallons of heating oil per day.
  • To make sure the gauge is working, carefully remove the outer case and gently press the float down. If it bobs back up to the original position, the gauge is working. If the gauge is not working, contact us for a heating system repair.

Of course if you don’t want to hassle with reading gauges or calling for fuel deliveries, there’s an easy way to do that: sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery from Poore’s Propane and Oil. We’ll estimate your delivery based on computer modeling and your past usage, getting your heating oil to you when your tank is about one-quarter full.

Have any other questions about your heating oil tank or heating oil deliveries? Let us knowwe’re happy to help. And remember: for reliable heating oil delivery anywhere in our Delmarva service area, we’ve got you covered!