How Much Propane Do I Use per Day in the Winter?

…It Might Be More Than You Think!

estimating propane use pennsylvaniaKnowing exactly how much propane you use in your home can help you better anticipate and manage your winter propane costs.

However, it should be known that there are several factors that influence how much propane you consume throughout the heating season. Looking at your previous year or two of Poore’s Propane statements is a good place to start. You’ll be able to see how much you use changes, and it might help you plan for managing your propane costs.

By the way, an online Poore’s Propane account makes this task even easier! You’ll be able to view all your statements right on your computer, tablet, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What are the Factors That Affect My Propane Usage?

The current weather conditions, the size and distinct properties of your residence, and the number of propane appliances you operate all have an impact on how much propane you use during the winter.

You have the least amount of control over the weather. If the winter is exceptionally cold and lengthy, you’ll expectedly burn more propane than if it’s average or mild.

Your home plays a big role as well, in a variety of ways. Is your home well-insulated and resistant to drafts or heat loss? Is your heating equipment new, well-maintained, and highly efficient, or is it not? Do you have a propane-powered space heater that you use more frequently when the weather is chilly? Additionally, for those who travel frequently, you’ll use far less propane than someone who lives there full-time.

In terms of lifestyle, the biggest factor is how warm you like your home to be on a consistent basis. Other factors include how many people live in the home—and if you work remotely.

Estimating Your Volume of Propane Usage

On average, a mid-sized single-family home in the Greater Delmarva region uses approximately 600 to 1,400 gallons of propane each year for heating. Heating water consumes an average of 200 to 300 gallons of propane every year.

This table shows how much propane various appliances use on average each year. These estimates can help you plan your propane usage and costs.

Propane Appliance Approx. Annual Gallons Used
 Furnace or Boiler  1,000-1,300
 Water Heater  250-300
 Fireplace  200-400
 Range or Cooktop  35-50
 Clothes Dryer  20-35

Tools to Manage Your Propane Supply and Costs

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