Propane forklifts work for your Delmarva business

propane tank on a forkliftForklifts are a critical piece of equipment for many businesses.

Manufacturers use them to move needed materials quickly and safely. Warehouses and distribution centers use forklifts to bring products to the trucks. You may see them at your local warehouse store, home improvement store, or garden center, carrying bulky or heavy products to the right aisle. On the farm, forklifts can move large items from barn to barn safely. Your local Delmarva recycling center can use propane forklifts to sort and organize items brought in to be recycled.

In fact, many businesses in Delaware and Maryland rely on Poore’s Propane for their propane bulk delivery!

Propane is the fuel of choice for many of those businesses when it comes to forklifts. One of the main reasons is its running time. On average, a 33-pound propane tank (the size used in the vast majority of forklifts) will last about eight hours. That’s an entire work shift without your forklift driver having to stop work to refuel.

That power also doesn’t fade. Forklifts that run on electricity will gradually lose power as the battery drains. Propane forklifts also perform better on inclines and can handle heavier loads.

And when an electric-powered forklift runs out of juice, it’s done for the day until it recharges, which can take eight hours. With propane, all that’s needed to be done is swap out the empty tank for a fresh one, and the forklift is back on the job in minutes.

Why Choose Propane for Forklifts?

Propane offers many other benefits to businesses that use forklifts.

Because propane is clean-burning with low emissions, it can be safely used both indoors and outside.

Thanks to that clean burning, propane forklifts last about twice as long as gasoline-powered forklifts, and with much lower maintenance costs.

Propane forklifts can be used in wet weather, unlike many electric-powered forklifts.

Find out more about how propane forklifts are a sound business choice, and how we can assist in fueling your forklift fleet! Contact the professionals at Poore’s, today!