How Long Do Heating Oil Tanks Last?

Reach out to Poore’s if you think it’s time for an oil tank replacement.

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Most households with oil-fired heating in central Delmarva or Eastern Pennsylvania have their heating oil tanks in their basements or some other out-of-sight location. But “out of sight, out of mind” can be a risky policy when it comes to your home’s fuel tank.

You see, heating oil tanks wear out over time, and you don’t want your first inkling that your tank is failing to be a messy, expensive oil leak.

Lifespan of a Heating Oil Tank

The average aboveground oil tank (including the one in your basement) is right around 25 years old. If you have a home with a buried underground tank, its lifespan is closer to 15 years.

Signs Your Heating Oil Tank is Failing

Heating oil tanks often fail because of internal corrosion, and condensation is the main cause of corrosion. When moisture forms on the inside of your tank, it drips down and settles at the bottom. This fosters the development of sediment and harmful microorganisms. The process can take a while but will eat away at your tank.

An aggravating thing about internal corrosion is you often don’t see it until your tank is about to fail. But there are some early warning signs:

  • Loose oil on the floor around your tank
  • Condensation and wet spots on your tank after it’s filled
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Rusting, peeling or blistering on the outside of your tank
  • Dents on the body of your tank

Be Proactive with Your Oil Tank Replacement.

Sometimes, a failing piece of equipment in your home is only a minor inconvenience. For example, it isn’t fun having to go a few days without a working stove, but it’s not a major emergency.

If your heating oil tank fails, you could wind up with an oil spill in your home. Cleaning up these spills can be an incredibly pricy process. But you can avoid that pain entirely by being proactive if you notice the red flags of a failing heating oil tank. Contact Poore’s Propane and Oil early, and we can inspect your tank and repair it or find a suitable replacement if needed.

Poore’s is here for your oil tank installation!

Is it time for a new heating oil tank? You will be amazed by how much more advanced today’s heating oil tanks are than the older models. At Poore’s Propane and Oil. We have a wide selection of state-of-the-art models with double-wall construction and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. These tanks are virtually leak-proof!

And Poore’s will make the replacement process completely stress-free. Our team has the training and experience to get your new oil tank in place promptly and safely. We’ll install your new oil tank, transfer any fuel and safely dispose of the old tank. We’ll leave your home as clean as or cleaner than we find it.

Don’t wait to contact us if you suspect your oil tank is nearing retirement. We’re here to help!